Interroll systemen

In samenwerking met Interroll kan Visser ook geautomatiseerde standaard systemen leveren.

Visser en Interroll maken samen uw project tot een succes. Hieronder vind u een aantal mogelijkheden en links naar de Interroll website.

Straight RM 8110

The non-powered straight roller conveyor transports materials either manually or via gravity down a slope and is used as an assembly and picking line.

The Magnetic Speed Controller 50 can be installed for controlled speed regulation. These gearless, mechanical eddy current brakes reliably decelerate materials from 0.5 kg up to 35 kg, and increase functionality and safety in the workplace. For more information, please contact your Interroll contact person.

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With CentralControl: zero-pressure accumulation conveying (ZPA) of many zones without connected PLC. Or ZPA with input from a PLC connected via digital inputs and outputs.With GatewayControl: zero-pressure accumulation conveying (ZPA) of many zones with input from a PLC connected via fieldbus. Or universal control (not just ZPA) with PLC connected via fieldbus.

Cost-efficient, commercially available flat cables are used for wiring the communication and voltage. All settings are made with a Windows-based software – the Configurator.

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Pallet Roller Flow FIFO – Unloading 3 Tracks

  • FIFO application (First-In First-Out)
  • Buffer or dispatch lanes
  • Entry guides as option

Curve BM 8360

The Belt Curve Light is a belt curve that is divided into zones and operates with zero pressure accumulation; its drive is based on the 24 V RollerDrive. It is possible to transport and store small products, as well as products not suitable for roller tracks. Not suitable for reversing operation.
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